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What does Botox cost, and is it actually worth it?

What does Botox cost, and is it actually worth it?-1

Botox is a neurotoxic drug produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. It is used medically to treat certain muscular conditions and cosmetically to remove wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing your muscles. In general, it is valuable to the anti-aging process because it prevents nerves from interacting with specific groups of muscles at the injection site. This drug is priced and delivered in units, and more units are needed to treat larger groups. While some forms of cosmetic treatment can vary in price considerably from country to country, Botox cost stays relatively stable wherever you go.

How does Botox work?

Botulinum toxin also referred to as Botox, can be one of the most toxic substances known to man. It acts as a paralytic for our muscles, which contain millions of small receptors which are controlled by nerves via a network of thin fibers. The fibers allow messages from the brain, or nerve impulses, to flow from the nerve to the muscle. The message flows down to the synaptic cleft between the muscular fibers and the end of nerve fiber, or axon terminals, and chemicals are discharged that can cause the contraction. The neurotoxin prevents the transmission of signals across the synaptic cleft, preventing it from doing so. As long as it fails to contract and remain relaxed, the wrinkles in that particular area will fade away.

Botox is used in elective cosmetic procedures to smooth out frown lines, crows feet, and other wrinkles. It can be used to temporarily “freeze” some muscles in place in treatments like smile lifts and eyebrow lifts. It also has approval from the FDA for treating chronic migraines, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, and some other muscular spasms. Injections are applied around the neck and head to reduce headaches and stiffness. When treating the patient, a specialist may direct up to thirty-one Botox injections within seven areas around the neck and head. Depending on the patient, injections can take one week to three months to have an effect.

What does Botox cost, and is it actually worth it?-2 How much Botox do I need?

The quantity of Botox that you need differs depending on the muscle group that is being targeted, the time between the treatments, and the reason for the injections. Generalizations can be made to approximate the number of units needed for specific areas of the body.

For example, when injected into the forehead to smooth facial lines, the general dose used is ten to thirty units. Five to fifteen units are generally needed on each eye to smooth out crows feet at the outside corners. The jaw, or masseter muscle, needs forty to sixty units every three to four months. Whereas small procedures like and eyebrow or smile lift only need between three to six units.

While ongoing treatments can last up to three to four months, the initial one may wear off in less than three. The first follow-up is required then as the effects of the treatment will begin to wear off and the muscles will revert to their original condition.

What does Botox cost, and is it actually worth it?-3 Botox cost around the world

Botox cost around the world can vary greatly. The highest Botox cost is in countries like the United States, Japan, Singapore, and Australia. In those areas, a unit of Botox cost between 10-25 USD. In areas like the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, and Brazil a unit of Botox cost between 5-12 USD. Globally the average Botox cost is 10 USD per unit.

What are the side effects of botulinum toxin?

The botulinum toxin is used in minuscule doses in humans to treat certain conditions, but still requires tight regulation by authorities. Even when used in the correct dosage, Botox can have some adverse side effects. Mild redness or swelling around the injection area, for example, is a common, while other frequent occurances are short-term headaches, bruising, muscle stiffness or weakness, neck and back pain, sweating in areas other than your underarms (if this is the area you had the treatment), or cold symptoms. You also may have some trouble swallowing for months after the procedure.

However, if you notice any of these symptoms, call your doctor right away:

● muscle weakness in areas not treated
● trouble breathing or excessive trouble swallowing
● swelling, drainage, droopy eyelids, or other vision problems
● loss of bladder control or burning during urination
● pain in your chest or a pounding, irregular heartbeat

Botox that is injected in the wrong area, or the incorrect amount is given, can have very serious consequences for patients. So, it is crucial that it is always applied by a professional. The chances of complications occurring will greatly be diminished with trained personnel who are educated in the practice. Fortunately, the side effects are usually minimal, and patients are often very satisfied with the long-lasting results.

What does Botox cost, and is it actually worth it?-4 Long-term Use

Over time, consistently using Botox will keep those wrinkles from forming as deeply. This has a beneficial effect on overall skin health and appearance. As your face gets accustomed to the relaxed posture, wrinkles begin to smooth out. Your skin is constantly rejuvenating itself, and you are retraining it to be smoother and more radiant. Even if you cannot afford to continue treatments for an extended period, using Botox for even a short time can help.

If you are interested in such a procedure, consult your doctor who can meet with you to discuss your options and direct you to the best health care facility that offers the procedure. Some tips to make sure you have the best experience are:

● Make sure you are going to see a qualified or even board certified physician. While spa parties at home are fun and enjoyable, you should not have a doctor making house calls.

● Bruising and skin discoloration are more likely to occur if you are taking medications like aspirin and ibuprofen. Skip your doses of these pills and anything else that might thin your blood before you receive the treatment.

● Less is more. Be careful not to overdo it. Too much of this paralyzing toxin can be very bad for you, and it will make you look silly!

● Realize that this is not going to be a one-time treatment to remove your wrinkles. Full Botox costs between 200 and 500 USD and each patient will require four applications a year.

● While this is not a permanent solution, it can be a very effective preventative care measure. Along with the consistent use of sunscreen and good skin care routines, it can help you preserve your youthful appearance.

● Many medical conditions are improved by the use of this treatment. As long as you are not pregnant or nursing, it is worth it to consider this option to help your condition.

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I've got a pain condition called trigeminalneuralgia and I've gone through many different therapies to cope with the pain. I've yet to try botox injections but of course, with the horror stories out there, I've been reluctant to do so. I'm hoping that someone on the website may have gone through this or known someone who's gone through this procedure and give me some more information about it

03/07/2017 08:23 GMT

Hi, my aunt had gone through botox injections for her condition. She also has trigeminal neuralgia and so, she used a variety of different treatments such as anticonvulsants, botox injections and even medical marijuana (we're from California and she also used this more as a way to cope when it would really flare up). She's currently debating about undergoing Gamma Knife surgery but she herself said that she got the most relief from her pain from botox injections but they did cost her some money.