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What is HospitalHippo?

HospitalHippo, named for Hippocrates – the father of modern medicine, is a content driven social media platform connects users with leading healthcare facilities all around the world.

For users who are interested in learning about cutting edge treatments, health information, new discoveries and more, HospitalHippo serves as a portal to the latest information directly from international world class facilities.

For patients looking for healthcare providers, HospitalHippo allows you to search, research and communicate directly with thousands of facilities around the world.

All providers have a real-time Feed which they can use to publish anything from health advice to the latest breakthroughs in medical procedures or news about their facility and what they can offer.

Why should I create a free account?

Our user accounts are completely free and enable a number of useful functions:

Comment, Like and Share – Users can get involved with our bustling community by giving their input on any of the thousands of posts made by Providers.

Send Messages – Contact the person responsible for handling inquiries directly through our messaging system. See who has contacted you back and be alerted to your email when they do.

Tracking Feed – Receive up to date information directly from the providers that you have chosen to track. Everyday hospitals and clinics are posting special offers, case reports and more that you would find interesting.

Planner – Save and compare prices and treatments from multiple providers while being able to quickly send inquiries directly to them from your planner.

Post review – Have an experience with one of our providers you wish to share? Add a review and share it with the world.