Our mission

HospitalHippo is a new social media platform that connects users with hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities around the world.

For users who are interested in learning about cutting edge treatments, health information, new discoveries and more, HospitalHippo serves as a portal to the latest information directly from international world class facilities.

For patients looking for healthcare providers, HospitalHippo allows you to search, research andcommunicate directly with thousands of facilities around the world.

Our Mission:

"To allow users to get the latest in information and news from leading Healthcare Providers and to facilitate direct communication between them"

All inquiries and messages sent through HospitalHippo go directly to the provider that it was sent to. All links to websites and phone numbers on HospitalHippo are those of the provider and are in no way connected to us.

We exist to bring users closer to the people who may have the expertise to help them, now or in the future.