Provider Introduction

What is HospitalHippo?
HospitalHippo is a free to use content-driven social media Web, iOS and Android platform created specifically to help hospitals and clinics achieve their social media goals. Designed with both domestic and medical tourism patients in mind, HospitalHippo gives healthcare providers the ability to generate content to attract, retain and develop their brand with patients.
How much does it cost?
HospitalHippo is Free to use and we will never charge you for any functionality that you currently enjoy. Our business model is built around Adding Value, meaning that the only things that we will offer at a charge in the future are new tools and conditions that will make your experience better.
Why use HospitalHippo?
There are many benefits to using HospitalHippo, please see below for more details:

  • Designed by healthcare marketers for healthcare marketers
  • SEO optimized profile which benefits from group Domain Authority
  • Direct communication - No middle men, no buying leads
  • Easy way to publish special offers, new packages and news
  • All treatments, departments, locations and staff are searchable
  • Allows you to market to people around the world
  • Creates a backlink to your website
  • Feed posts are searchable by google (unlike some other social media sites)
  • 100% of your posts can be seen by those tracking your feed
  • The Feed is available in any language to allow communication with local patients
  • Appear on global rather than just country/city specific searches
  • Get feedback from your patients in the form of reviews
What’s the catch?
HospitalHippo was designed by Healthcare Marketing professionals who wanted to create an even playing field where providers can compete on the strength of their products and content rather than who throws the most money at a problem.

Every Provider Page has the same chance of being successful, having thousands of trackers and appearing high on search lists. In order to stand out, the key is to have a complete, connected page that regularly publishes interesting material, Special Offers, Case reports and content that potential patients want to read.

Why patients choose your Provider Page over others depends mainly on your input and decisions.
How to make the most of it?
HospitalHippo is a content driven platform designed to target a specific market. This means that it is up to the Provider to create content that will attract Users and promote shares, comments and ultimately conversions.

Well written content which connects with a Providers core product and cultivates interest in it’s audience is the key to getting more Users to your Provider Page. For a basic guide on content marketing, please visit our Content Marketing Guide

Apart from through your content There arethere are five ways to get patients from your Provider Page not through content:

  • Patient searches a treatment/specialist/department, finds your page and sends an inquiry.
  • Patient searches a treatment/specialist/department, finds your page and tracks it, deciding later to send an inquiry.
  • Patient uses an external search engine (Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing etc), finds one of our treatment/city/country pages and then tracks/inquires.
  • Patient uses an external search engine and finds your Provider Page directly.
  • A User refers someone to your Provider Page directly.

In order to take advantage of these methods, one needs to pay attention to these three factors:

  • Internal Search Rankings
  • Provider Page Search Engine Rankings
  • Conversion Rate

For a more detailed explanation of internal rankings, please click here.
Internal Search Rankings
HospitalHippo uses a complex algorithm to determine internal search rankings. There are a large number of factors that can increase or reduce your rankings in internal searches, please find some of the major ones below:

  • Using your feed regularly and posting content with a decent percentage of it being original will increase your content score which directly affects rankings.
  • “Interesting” clicks, shares as well as regular replies to comments and reviews by users adds a bonus.
  • Completeness of Provider Page – For a more detailed explanation of Provider Page Completeness, please click here(Link)
  • Age of Provider Page, or more specifically the date when it was marked as complete adds a bonus
  • Does your website have a link to your Provider Page (i.e. Social button like Facebook/Twitter etc)
  • The free text inputs on your Provider Page (Introduction, Staff Background etc) should not just be copy/pasted from your website. Even rewording it can help.
  • Reply rate to messages is also taken to account even if a reply is just to say that you cannot help
  • Positive reviews will help raise your rankings. Invite former patients to leave a review. Be warned, our team investigates many reviews and penalizes for fake ones.
  • It’s good to include all your treatments to increase what searches you appear in. Adding most treatments in most departments will show up as a red flag.
  • Including your prices not only increases rankings but also conversion rates.

Provider Page Search Engine Rankings

Your Provider Page can be a great tool for drawing in organic search traffic for both itself and your own website. By benefiting from higher domain authority than many local hospital and clinic websites, HospitalHippo can work as an excellent stand-alone tool or a channel for increasing your own site’s traffic.

Here are some things you can do to increase Search Engine Rankings:

  • Linking your website to your Provider Page (i.e. Social button like Facebook/Twitter etc) helps search engines establish who the Provider Page belongs to.
  • The free text inputs on your Provider Page (Introduction, Staff Background etc) should not just be copy/pasted from your website. Even rewording it can help.
  • Using the free text inputs in more than one of the languages provided will allow you to show up in more searches
  • All posts you make on your feed are searchable. Original posts and content will be picked up by search engines more quickly and refer people to your feed.
  • Using Keywords in your posts allows us to generate targeted meta descriptions when generating post pages which are crawled by search engines.
  • Asking existing patients to write reviews generates individual review pages which too are searchable by some engines

Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate is less clear cut than the previous 2 but much more straight forward. It is simply how many visitors to your provider page that you convert into leads and then patients. HospitalHippo is designed to be largely standardized with any variation being due to the value of a provider’s offering, the overall impression they give to users and the content that they generate.

It is completely up to the users who they choose to contact and the best way to get chosen is to be the best choice.

  • A fully completed Provider Page with as much information as possible can go a long way
  • Choose your Provider Page Header Image wisely. We highly recommend external or internal facility images over head shots of a doctor.
  • Adding photos and videos in the correct section helps users get a feel for where they will be doing treatment. Even if your facility is not the prettiest, it’s still better to accurately portray it.
  • Detailed descriptions of your doctors will prevent users from feeling that something is held back.
  • Always reply to messages, even if you are not able to help. A little good will goes a long way.
  • When replying to messages, answer the user’s questions directly rather than using standard form replies or pasted templates.
  • Provider Pages can be used to create a sense of community around a facility. Interact will your trackers, reply to their comments and reviews. An active page shows that you are a functioning provider.
How often do I need to use it?
This is entirely up to you. Keeping your feed up to date every 3 days is the minimum recommended activity for having your Provider Page flagged as active. More important however is ensuring that the up to date content that you are putting out is interesting. Unlike other social media platforms where only a percentage of your posts reach your audience, HospitalHippo allows for every post you make to appear on a tracker’s feed and not only that but these people have specifically created an account to find out what you and other providers have to say. Ensure that the people get what they want and you will create an abundant source of patients, word of mouth referrers and a captive audience.

Apart from your feed, we recommend checking in once a day just to see if you have any message or notifications. While we will email you periodically to remind you, logging in regularly allows you to answer any message or inquiries much quicker. Being the first to reply can often mean the difference between converting a user into a patient or not.
What’s in store for the future?
Over the next year, we will be rolling out a number of new features, platforms and tools that will allow providers greater access to patients around the world. Expect to see the following soon:

HospitalHippo for iOS and Android – We will be producing apps that can be download to mobile devices that will allow greater functionality including direct calls from users to providers.

Analytics – We are working on implementing analytics tools that will allow providers to see who views your provider page, tracks your feed, where they come from, what searches people make to land on your page, how many views each of your posts get and much, much more.

Targeted Posting – Send your posts directly to the feeds of people who are looking for specific treatments.

Q&A Forums – Question specific threads that are open to be answered by either Users or Providers