Technical FAQ

Site Functionality:

What is the User side experience of HospitalHippo?

The User experience differs from the provider experience a great deal. Users generally will have a treatment in mind and are looking to find the right provider for them. There are three main elements to this selection process, Tracking, Planning & Communicating. Users will view multiple Provider Pages and then take one of three actions.

  • They can Track a Provider, following which all of that Provider’s posts will appear on their Feed.
  • They can add a Treatment to their Planner which allows them to compare between Providers and send inquiries directly to them.
  • Finally, they can contact a Provider directly through the Message button, by telephone or going to their website.

In order to stand out from the crowd, complete profiles and interesting posts are key.

How do search rankings work?

There are a number of factors that determine the order of Providers as the appear on searches. Our Algorithm is designed not to just list the biggest hospital brands with the most treatments but enable smaller more specialized facilities to prove themselves through active participation and having the best Provider Page with the best content.

Here is a list of things  in a RANDOM ORDER that affect your search rank:

Age of profile – a bonus is given as a Provider Page ages, effective from the date of activation

Activity rating  - How active you are generates bonuses with daily posts providing the highest bonus but penalities being delivered for inactivity which start after 3 days but increase massively at 2 weeks and older.

Profile Completeness – For every section completed you are awarded a bonus. Some are weighted more than others.

Is your Provider Paged linked or not to your website?

Genuine Review Score - We investigate many reviews and penalize Providers if they are fake

Reply times to INITIAL Inquiries and messages – follow up messages are not measured after the first reply.

Number of ACTIVE Trackers – Genuine Users tend to be more active than dummy accounts, we monitor this to ensure that no one games the system.

A bonus is awarded to Specialist Clinics and Hospitals for their specialty/treatments when searched but penalties are levied if they have too many Departments and thus are not specialized.

Provider Page Content Originality – By linking your site we can review whether you have copy/pasted all the content. Your Provider Page should be tailored to your audience

Post Originality – Your posts create separate pages for google to crawl and link back to your Provider Page, copy and pasted posts will often get flagged as spam which will count against you.

Post Shares & “Interesting” count – How are people reacting to your posts? We measure this not only determine which Providers are offering the most value to their Trackers but all also which Providers we recommend through various widgets and emails.

How do the reviews work?

The Review section of your provider page allows Users to write reviews about their experiences at your facility. The 5 main categories help to determine your aggregate score, anything from a 3 – 5 star is considered a positive review.

You are able to reply to your reviews, either to thank the User or to present your side of the story. It is important to do this professionally without being too combative as you are not just communicating with the reviewer but with every potential patient that reads it.

We will never remove bad reviews if it is from a genuine former patient. If you believe it is fraudulent and that patient never came to your facility then we will investigate. The onus will be on the Provider to prove this. If this is prove to be a fraudulent review, the User will most likely be banned and the review removed. If the Provider falsely accuses a User of posting a fraudulently posting a review simply to get a negative review removed, we will suspend or ban that provider depending on the circumstances.

How do I communicate with Users?

Providers cannot send direct messages to Users as we have found that this causes lots of Users to leave as their inbox gets flooded. Instead we allow Users the choice of who they want to communicate with by sending a message or inquiry which you can freely reply to. Providers can communicate with Users directly by providing interesting content on their Feed which will help convince them to send you a message. Additionally, you can reply to reviews which gives Users the chance to see what it is like to deal with you.

How do I maintain an “Active Flag” on my Provider Page?

The “Active Flag” is tied to your Provider Page’s Feed and is modified depending on the frequency of your posts and directly affects your search rankings. This is not a simple binary setting of on or off, it is a scale that runs from daily to older than two weeks. While we recommend Providers to use HospitalHippo as much as possible, we strongly advise you to not be inactive for more than 3 days that is where penalties against search rankings start. Bonuses can be achieved for being more active than once every three days.

I am not getting any messages or inquiries, is my Provider Page broken?

No, it is not. HospitalHippo was designed as a level playing field that allows hospitals and clinics to compete on a much lower cost scale than search engine and lead buying platforms. This means that in many cases, smaller and more efficient facilities have the opportunity to grab a User’s attention. If you are not getting messages that means that other Provider are doing a good job of targeting your audience. If you want to increase your message and inquiry volume, you have to make yourself the most attractive Provider.

How does my Feed work?

Your Feed is designed to attract Users by enabling you to easily publish content in the forms of one of the 6 main post types. Users can Track your Feed which will allow your posts to appear on their User Feed as well as in their emails during periodic Content Emails. Your Feed can be in any language that we have listed, not necessarily the 4 Core Languages we use for our interface. We deliberately do not add static text in the posts so that you have more options to choose from. Remember, your Feed creates new pages every time you post which can be crawled by Google.

Message – A simple message that let’s users know what is on your mind or to give them a quick piece of information or greeting.

News – This type will allow you to either let Users know about medical breakthroughs or developments relevant to your field of work or news specific to your Provider.

Event – You can let Users know about an event that is happening which is connected to your Provider, either at your facility or even close to them.

Special Offer – Doing a special price or package? Let Users know. They may be looking for a great deal and this will certainly interest them.

Article – The type of post is very wide in scope and can cover anything from a piece written by your doctors to something written somewhere else on-line. If you see something on another site, feel free to let your Trackers and audience know about it through an Article Post.

Case Report – A Case Report essentially takes an individual case of a patient, who has given their consent , and showcases a particular treatment and effectiveness.

More about the specific functions of the feed and how to use each type can be found below.

Something went wrong, what should I do?

If our platform has stopped functioning or you have found a bug, please notify Customer Support so that we may address it immediately. You can do so using the button on the right of your provider card.

Setting up my Provider page:

What should I do first?

We highly recommend setting up you provide card first as it is the only part of your provider page that is visible on all sections.

How much information do I need to give?

It is your decision to make but in our experience, Users react more positively to having as much information as possible. Filling out all the Treatments you wish to promote is essential as they will show up in Treatment searches. Staff include types of doctors which is also searchable. Adding your prices for certain treatments is advisable as Users may filter by price.

How do I set up my Provider Card?

First click on the Edit Button next to your Provider Card Image. Choose an image that you want to represent your Provider. We highly recommend external or foyer shots of your facility but the decision is up to you.

Click Choose file, upload it and then click on change picture.

Next click on the Edit Button above your Provider Card to the right next to the three buttons.

All of these sections are mandatory.

Type – Which of the types best describes your Provider. Specialized hospitals and clinics get a bonus for 4 Departments in searches but if you have more than 4 Departments, you will lose this bonus. Choose accurately as this is used to generate pages which you will show up in during external Search Engine Searches like Google and Yahoo. I.e. Clinics in City/Country, Plastic Surgery Clinic in City/Country.

City – The most commonly used name for the city that your Provider is located in.

Country - The most commonly used name for the city that your Provider is located in

Phone Number – Please remember to include your dialing code in your phone number as many Users will be abroad. This is very important as our APP has a dialing function which Users can utilize to call you directly.

Website – Should a User want to find out more about you then they can go directly to your website.


Please note that your Provider Card utilizes information from other sections of the website and will be automatically updated as you complete these sections.


How do I set up my Profile section?

The Profile section is divided into 8 parts with 2 parts requiring your Treatments and Staff sections to be set up before completion.

General Info – Click Edit to enter this information, some of which will start to appear in your Provider Card. None of the fields are mandatory but we do recommend giving as much information as possible.

Description – This is one of the Free text inputs which are NOT automatically translated into all 4 core languages. Clicking the Edit Button will allow you to enter a description of your facility and is a great opportunity to really sell yourself. To enter your introduction in one of the other core languages, please click on the respective flag and type it in. We recommend doing all for maintain consistency on your Provider Page when translated but it is not mandatory.

Map – Please enter your address in the bar above the map to show people where exactly you are located and Google Maps will do the rest. Click edit to begin.

Opening Hours – Please enter your opening hours in the grid given by clicking edit and selecting the times that best describe your arrangement. If you do not close on any given day the please select 24 hours.

Specialty Departments – This section is automatically filled out by adding Departments in your Treatment Section. By clicking edit, you will be taken to this section where you can add the Departments you wish. You may also wish to take the time to add your main Treatments as this will be needed for the Key Treatments field in your Profile.

Additional Services and Amenities – Click edit to start adding the services and amenities, you can also add a custom input by typing it in the bar and click the + symbol.

Key Treatments – If you have not already added some treatments, clicking the Edit button will take you to the Treatments section where you can do so. If you have already added some treatments, you can choose 5 Key Treatments to appear on your profile.

Key Staff - If you have not already added some treatments, clicking the Edit button will take you to the Staff section where you can do so. If you have already done so, you can choose which staff appear and their order by putting the numbers 1 – 5 next to each member of staff.

How do I set up my Treatments section?

Your Treatments section is extremely important if you want your Provider Page to be active and accessible by search. Every time you add a treatment or department, you become searchable by that keyword. There are three main steps to completing this section:

First, you need to add the Departments which are relevant to your Provider. Remember that Specialist Hospitals and Clinics get search ranking bonuses for their specialties if they do not exceed 4 departments. If you are a General Provider we recommend only adding the Departments that you actively have at your facility and not through partnership so that these can be more readily searched. Click Add Department to do this, those chosen will appear in a bar on the left on the page.

Second, click on the department that you want to add treatments for in the left hand bar. Then click Add Treatment. Select those that apply to you or if you can’t find what you are looking for you can enter a custom Treatment in the box below the selections. Click the + symbol to add it.

Third, to set up you prices for each treatment, click on the edit button in each treatment box. There are three main types of prices, Fixed, Range and Approximate. Fixed prices are a single input, Range goes from low to high and approximate which is similar to Fixed but affixes an approx. before the price to show there may be some variation. We highly recommend adding prices as Users may choose to search by price or arrange their search results so.

How do I set up my Staff section?

Click Add Member to begin and you will see that each entry is divided into 8 parts:

Image – Choose file, check the preview and make sure this is the image you want. We highly recommend portraits of the actual staff member.

Name – Enter the Staff member’s name. We recommend using English inputs.

Job Title – Enter the Member’s role. We highly recommend using one of the prewritten entries that appear once you start typing. These will automatically be translated into the other core languages.

Qualifications – Ideally you want to enter Acronyms i.e. M.D etc. Due to the range of possible entries, this is not automatically translated.

Experience – Simply enter the number of years of experience possessed by the staff member.

Description – This is a Free input area and like your description in your profile is not automatically translated. You may choose to click one of the flags to input additional languages. We recommend this but it is not mandatory.

Spoken Languages – Choose the languages that this member of staff is able to communicate in.

Add Special Procedures – If this member of staff is known for certain Procedures you may add them to their listing. Click on the Specialty Procedure button, click on the department and then add the treatments.

How do I set up my Photos and Video section?

This section is pretty straight forward, we allow Providers to upload photos of their facility and like to videos (most commonly on YouTube). Click Edit Photo Gallery, then either drag the images into the pop up box or click add files to brose and add.

Clicking Edit Video Gallery will allow you to enter the URLs of the videos you wish to link to.

How do I set up my Feed?

Your Feed is available in a large number of languages. We recommend only using the languages that you can keep up to date regularly. Clicking the Edit Button to the left will bring up you Feed management pop-up. Clicking select under add language will add the selected language to your feed. Click Select under Delete language will remove it from your Feed.

Once you have added a language, select it by clicking on it and then clicking on the blue Make a Post Icon on the far right to begin posting.

How do I get 100% Profile Completeness?

Have a look to the right hand side of your Provider Page. You should see a Profile Completeness Widget which will advise you of what steps you have not yet taken. If you do not see the widget or you believe you have already completed a step, then please contact Customer Support.

How do I add a Social Button to my website?

On the right of your Provider Page you will find the Social Button Generator…

What should I post?

For more information on posting please see our Content Marketing FAQ here

How can I see more information about my audience?

Currently we only allow Providers to see the bare minimum of data about their Audience. We are currently in the process of developing an Analytics add-on and CRM which will give Providers all the information they could ever want about their Users, which posts are successful or not, number of impressions and a whole lot more/